Workshop: Is Sex the True Pillar of Relationships?

We are often confusing “love” with a physical attraction, erotism or sexual relations, but “real love” goes beyond this.

However, Hollywood movies says that love is “giving without expecting anything in return”. This type of altruistic love is nothing more than a myth. It really hides other types of feelings that add toxicity to relationships. Relationships must be based on authentic “reciprocity”.

Over time, a couple may suffer “sexual cooling” because of accumulation of many frustrations. If we let this frustrations get bigger, at the end we will create great conflict. Ultimately, a threat to the stability of our relationship.

These type of issues are not ease to solve. Sometimes we need the assistance of true professionals. That’s why we want to launch our first workshop in Sexology at iHumanity Clinics with Instituto de la Pareja as host, with the title: Is Sex the True Pillar of Relationships?


Instituto de la Pareja is formed by a team of psychologists committed to the goal of contributing to the well-being of each person and the improvement of affective relationships. They understand that the couple is within a system of relationships and is not isolated from their environment. Therefore, their professional actions go beyond the relationships themselves. Their assistance extends to the whole family, to childhood and adolescence and to every person who wants to receive psychological support at some point in their life. They also carry out different courses and workshops on practical psychology with varied themes: school for parents, workshops to improve some aspect of the couple and personal improvement workshops. They also contribute to the training of other professionals with university courses and practices.

  • Workshop Date: August 16th, 20.00h
  • Place: iHumanity Clinic, Calle Mayor 118 – Pilar de la Horadada (Alicante)
  • Bilingual Workshop: The interactions and explanations will be done both in Spanish and English.
  • Price: € 9 to be paid in person at any of our clinics or by bank transfer (see details below) until the day before the date of the event.
  • Prior registration required.
  • Limited Space.

The registration in this workshop requires previous free registration in iHumanity User’s Club and it is automatic done when filling the following form. You can opt-out from this free Club anytime attaching a document copy to identify you (id card, NIE, etc) by e-mail at


The registration in this workshop will be completed once the payment of € 9 has been made in any of our clinics or by bank transfer:

  • Bank’s name: BBVA
  • Payment Concept: (Name of the person who will attend the workshop)
  • Amount: € 9
  • IBAN Account Number: ES98 0182 3203 5102 0153 8249

In case the workshop could not be carried out, the money entered would be returned by transfer to the origin accounts or in person at our clinics.

If the workshop finally carries out, the money will not be returned, even in case of non-attendance.