Planing Santiago’s Road? Hydrate your feet

Summer is a lovely time to practice lot of sports. One of them is walking. And the most famous walking in the World is Santiago’s Road.

If you’re planning to do Santiago’s Road you know you must be well trained to walk during a lot of hours daily. And you must take care of your feet: they are the most important tool for this road and must be in perfect conditions to avoid serious problems during a long journey.

Our specialists in Biomechanics and Podiatry at iHumanity Clinics can give you some recommendations before a long march. The most important advice they give us is to hydrate your feet before and after the walking journey, specially the night before the start of each route.

During these marches, you are making your feet to do unusual efforts. That is the reason we recommend visiting our health professionals for a prior consultation before carrying out every activities like Santiago’s Road to rule out possible injuries we do not encounter in our normal and daily habits. May be you need a personalised orthosis for your footwear to practice marching! They also will check if you have any other walking problem like excessive sweating, fungi or heloma that could worsen after an intense daily walk.

If you want to be well prepared for this so beautiful activity, do not hesitate to make a consultation with our health professionals and call +34 968 334 338 to book your appointment. We will assist you in any of our clinics in Murcia, San Javier and Pilar de la Horadada.